Shooting Sports at Camp Horne

In February of 2022, Troop 100 B went to Camp Horne to do Shooting Sports. After unpacking everything the adults and the scouts each made a campfire and talked until it was time for bed. The next morning each patrol made an elaborate breakfast, and then went to the shooting range to have some fun.

Once we arrived the instructor taught us how to safely use rifles. We shot rifles until it was time to fix lunch. After we fixed a quick lunch of ham sandwiches the younger scouts did archery while the older scouts shot pistols.

A few hours later we hiked back down to the campsite where we made supper and roasted marshmallows over a campfire and then went to sleep. The next morning we made breakfast then hiked five miles on a trail through the woods. Once we got back we packed up and left.

DeSoto Day Trip

On January 22, 2022, Troop 100 B took a day trip to DeSoto State Park. When we arrived we had youth leadership training at a pavilion.

Then each patrol cooked their own lunch. After eating, we packed up the cooking gear and drove over to the waterfall and hung out for a while.

After that we went to True Adventure Sports and did the Practical Ingenuity Class. The owner taught us how to create a makeshift compass with some string and a nail. Then we learned how to cut a rope with some paracord.

He also demonstrated how to use a car and some jumper cables to make a welding machine. On our way home we stopped at Zaxby’s for supper.

Oak Mountain and High Point

On our October 2021 trip we went camping at Oak Mountain and had a great time. When we arrived we discovered that some recent floods and storms had caused damage to our favorite campsite with the footbridge to half of the site raised 10 feet in the air by a fallen tree.

We set up camp in a different way and had a good night’s sleep with a little rain. In the morning one of our scouts ran a 5K while the others spent a few hours orienteering.

Saturday afternoon we returned to our campsite to do some repairs. We cleared many fallen limbs and culverts under the road. The adults also worked to get the bridge off the root ball using makeshift levers and pullies. The scouts then finished the repair to make the bridge even better than it had been for years.

After a great campfire and great weather for sleeping, we packed up the campsite on Sunday morning and drove over to Highpoint Climbing to have some fun.

Colorado Adventure

Troop 100B enjoyed a week of adventure in Colorado in August 2021. It started with many delays of canceled flights.

The first group arrived at Noah’s Ark in Buena Vista, CO on Sunday night and were able to do some rappelling and rock climbing on Monday.

The second group had a second cancelled flight and spent the day in Birmingham at Top Golf and the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.

By late Monday night everyone had arrived in Colorado. Unfortunately, a couple of the scouts were not able to join the group in Buena Vista due to COVID quarantine.

On Tuesday we all took a hike up Brown’s Creek. It rained much of the way up, soaking everyone. When we arrived at the waterfall, we cooked some lunch and warmed up. Thankfully the sun came out on the way back down and we were able to dry out a little.

When we got back to our basecamp we dried everything out and played some 9 square and volleyball.

On Wednesday morning we hit the river for some great white water rafting.

Wednesday evening was spent at the Brown’s Canyon Adventure Park with a sunset ropes adventure.

Thursday morning we left Noah’s Ark and drove down to Royal Gorge.

After a quick picnic lunch and short hike at the gorge we went on a Zipline course.

We then traveled to Colorado Springs for our next adventures.

On Friday, we rode horses through Garden of the Gods in the morning and took a hike there in the evening.

After a great night’s sleep we returned to our adventures on Saturday with a Cog Railway trip up Pikes Peak where we hikes around a little and ate some donuts.

We then made our way to the airport with the hopes of all of the flights not being cancelled and being able to make the connection in Dallas. Thankfully everything went smoothly and the scouts were able to make it back home.

We all had a great time and created many memories that will last a lifetime.

Horseback Riding with Troop 100 G

In the month of April, Troop 100 G spent a short two weeks earning the horseback riding merit badge with two experienced horse owners in Coker, Alabama.

Their adventure started with some fun, hands-on instruction as the girls were each given distinct horse figurines to expand their understanding of the different breeds and learn the different parts of the majestic species. After acquiring a basic understanding of horse anatomy, Troop 100 G learned how to mount and dismount (on hay bales), which types of feed each horse gender and age gets, the types of diseases that most commonly affect horses, and how each breed has its own unique personality.

To further the instruction, Troop 100 G had the opportunity to groom the horses by brushing, combing and conditioning them–much to the delight of the horses’ owners.

Before riding, the girls got a feel for directing the mellow animals in a short walk around a small arena, and they discovered that controlling a horse has as much to do with the disposition of the person holding the reins as it does the horse itself.

Finally, in the culmination of the course, The girls were allowed to ride the horses in a safe, controlled environment. With the help of the instructors, each Scout rode around the arena and was able to experience the wonderful world of horseback riding.